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    April 18, 2013
    7:00 - 10:00am PDT  

>> the time is 7:00 a.m.. we are following the developing story out of san francisco where a suspicious package has been found there bob lottas on time. >> near the lottas fountain. >> you can see the crews are still working on the second of two semi trucks tried to get them cleared from the scene. a tow truck has been hooked up to it and a mechanic saad underneath it tried to set the lines and free the bridge. once they managed to, they still will have to deal with this bill that is on the road. this may have to be brought to
the caltran for them to bring out something to sweep it up. this may be another 45 minutes on 580 westbound. >> as we switched to the traffic map it is a solid backup through livermore all the way to the alta mount pass way. it almost reaches the 2 05 interchange. the drive time is an hour and 45 minutes for interstate 580 westbound direction. there is no relief in sight. >> it is a cool start and we woke up to some upper 30 is along the coast. we will make up for an afternoon. we will see plenty of 70's and clear conditions for tonight. the cool temperatures and we're still talking of half moon bay. it is 45 in fairfield and upper 40's for the east shore line. we do have a lot to talk about as we head into the weekend. there is a
possibility of '90s. >> early this morning a suspicious package was spotted by the fountain that disrupted the 1906 earthquake commemoration. kron4 will tran is live in front of the fountain in san francisco. >> the festivities should have been here instead but this place was shut down because of what they found about 315 this morning. we all know that they normally rush job but because of what happened in boston earlier this week this was on their minds so they came out with the bomb squad and their dogs. here is video that we received about 4:00 a.m.. they shut this down through market street and this all started about 2:45 a.m. when someone to pop the police department after they saw someone drop off an item at the fountain. they stated
that if you see something, uses say something. that shut down the place and in fact i had a chance to talk to the police chief. he stated that he got out of his bed so he can come down here. >> about 3:00 a.m. this morning there was a suspect in a hooded sweat shirt carrying a black bag and he just said the bed down and walk away. we have been searching the area for him and a another person came up and said that it was just mad medal radio parts. and lot of what happened in boston and the fact that we were having the earthquake ceremony will want to be cautious. they have swept the area.
>> i have to tell you that people were heading down as early as this morning and they moved the commemorative events to union square and this is video of the people who were out here. after this was over, the scene was clear that 5:35 a.m. and they stated that they will reopen market street in both directions. they were not going to be deterred and they stated that they walked down market. they came out and they did hanged a wreath at the fountain. the real ceremony will be held in another location. >> we are following a
another big story that happened at a fertilizer plant in the texas town of west, just north of waco, texas. more than 160 were injured and up to 80 homes have been destroyed as well as an apartment building, a middle school, and a nursing home has been destroyed. here is scene last night. rescue workers are still searching rubble and area for any survivors. the town's mayor has some fire fighters battling a blaze at the plan before the explosion. many said that the explosion felt miles away and was like an earthquake. here is a witness who describes how the explosion felt. >> it was like a bomb and it
just took your breath away. there was everything the from may with a gust of wind. it just blew everything got a you can fill everything. i felt all my scanner my hair was born every where. >> right now police are working the side as a crime scene until they can determine the incident was an industrial accident are not. >> they are continuing the search and rescue efforts and they have not changed anything that they have been doing because the weather, rain, or because it was cold. they are continuing to search for survivors or any injured people. we will make sure they get the medical
help they need. >> the plant, west fertilizer company was cited in 2006 for failing to qualify for a permit. >> in other major stories we're following today. in boston where the investigation is still underway for the terror attack. president obama will be impossible today to pay tribute to the victims. he is expected to speak a.m.. so far, there have been no are arrests and no suspects have been named. a cordis have pinpointed two men in pictures shot near the finish line will could be possible suspects. a local politician says that investigators are looking for a man who was seen in surveillance video dropping of the beck at the side of the bombing. >> if we go back most of them have a 30 day backup of affirmation. if we review this information, we will get a clear view of this
person. >> we do not know when to expect the next fbi briefing, when everett it is, it will be the first official on-camera update since tuesday afternoon. meantime, a candlelight vigil and a run is scheduled tonight on college avenue in oakland tonight in honor of the victims and austin. >> center cisco police officers say live shot an armed man who is suspected of stabbing his brother-in- law last night. it happened around 9:40 p.m. in the 900 block of deharo street in san francisco's potrero hill neighborhood. when police arrived on the scene, the funny man with multiple stab wounds to his head, arms, chest. when they try to assist the victim, another man came towards officers with a hammer. police chief
stated that one of the officers fired his gun out this a suspect refused to drop his weapon. >> he can get the officers with a hammer raised and he did not comply and that is when the officers returned fire. >> no one else was injured in the incident. the man who was stabbed is in serious condition at the hospital. >> here is a update for a hot spot on 580. >> you see that they have cleared the second semi truck from the scene of the crash on 580 westbound. we still however you will have to wait for a caltran sweeper truck. if they are you kids should count yourselves lucky. we didn't have u-verse back in my day. you couldn't just... guys...
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substance inside those letters is known as ricin. both letters were intercepted at screening facilities and both were postmarked memphis tennessee april 8th. the white house says that for stolid careful drill in handling the letters and one was injured. >> we wait for a possible of arrests as they believe they may have identified a suspect on video in the bombing of the boston marathon on monday. >> 7:13 a.m. and we'll be back with more in just a couple of minutes. a live look from our mt. tam cam. this shows you clear conditions, we will have a nice day. we will start getting the warm-up as we head into the weekend. and george has a continuing look at the hot spot on westbound 580.
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welcome back for nearly two hours now we been tracking hot spot on interstate 580 at the dublin and change and westbound direction. two big rig collided and blocked three of the five lanes westbound. just recently the second big rig was towed away. one additional line
was open. mike pelton is still on the scene as more information on weekend expects this to clear. >> they're still waiting for the cleaning crew to come out and clean up the debris that's all over the roadway. that is really the only thing stopping sfo from opening all five lanes. this is after one big rig rare and a second big rig. they have both been towed away but the front end of one of the cabs was totally smashed and. the driver of the second big rig was transported to a hospital with some sort of injury. he has been transported and traffic here is just trying to survive. traffic is briskly moving past this accident. you can see just a mass of back up here at the scene of the accident. everyone is trying to funnel down to the remaining three lanes. i'm sure this extends
quite a ways back. >> it extends all back to the also not pass. have we heard anything from chp as to when they expect that caltrans sweeper and when they speculate be cleared? >> we're still waiting on the sweet bird but we're hoping to have this all cleaned up by 730. -- sweeper the goal is open all lanes by 730. >> let me say the traffic maps here. i do not remember a time when i have seen solid read all the way along interstate 580 all the way back through the alta not pass. let's back the map out, it goes right through the 205 interchange. the last drive time measure was
over 2 hours. two hours and 15 minutes to get from to 05 out toward the dublin interchange. this might be a great morning for you to just to lay your ride or take a really long way around which would be highway four instead. a quick check of other traffic for you, there is a bay bridge back up right to the macarthur maze. not through it, to it. drive times are over 20 minutes. the san mateo bridge ride has been problem free. the golden gate bridge has been a quiet ride thankfully this morning. >> it is definitely cooler out there. we're still in the upper 30's in half moon bay, '40's and hayward. low '40's in walnut creek, but definitely cooler than 24 hours ago. the winds are not
as strong. what is happening, the cooler air is saddling closer to the surface. there is not getting mixed around nearly as much. you not have to deal with that wind chill factor either. future cast for tracking the temperatures, by lunchtime '70s. inside the bay you'll notice oakland and san francisco and the mid peninsula temperatures will stay in the '60s. it will turn into '70s by year afternoon highs. 3:00, very mild weather by 8:00 tonight. green indicates some spots in the '60s. after an highs, warmer than yesterday and definitely warmer than the seasonal average. 77 palo alto, 78 cupertino. we have plenty oit will be a clear and sunny day. downtown san francisco
climbing to 70 degrees. all is quiet on the western california fraud. clear, dry conditions with about a raindrop insight. a weak system will pass third set california tomorrow. temperatures will continue to climb. very pleasant conditions into the weekend and looks like we could see upper 80s, if not 90 degree readings as we start the next work week. >> following the latest from boston and the arrival of president obama, the door to air force was opening right now, the president should be getting off a couple of moments. another live look to show you as we await the president in boston's cathedral of the holy cross. the president is expected to
arrive there in the next 20 minutes the interface prayer service for the boston marathon bombings will get under way. we will be carrying that for you live during the 8:00 hour. >> american airlines has resumed most flights after systemwide computer glitch forced the airline to ground all plants across the country. this is a look at lines that sfo yesterday. the airline says some lingering problems remain. according to a flight tracking service, american and its regional offshoot american eagle canceled more than 200 flights. that's a big improvement from tuesday when american and eagle canceled nearly 1000 flights and laid another 1100. acted like the villagafter the glitch was fixe, the backlog of flights caused the blaze at s f o for the rest of the day.
>> the latest on the bird flew out brigantine of that already killed 17 people, the chinese government is now investigating the possibility of human to human transmission of this new blurred bart flu strain. the tories have already slaughtered thousands of birds and close some live poultry markets. china has warned that the number of infections which currently stands at 82, could rise. most of the birth of cases are in shanghai. whatwh makes your family smile?
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>> watching wall street, the dow was down over 250 on monday up a hundred 50 tuesday, down 130 yesterday and now down 68 this morning. watching apple's stock, apple at the $400 mark and down 758 a share.
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>> welcome back, we're tracking a major hot spot with a monster is back up on interstate 580 in the westbound direction. ec live video from the scene, the two right lanes remain blocked as we await a caltrans sweeper to pick up this. this is left over from a dual big rig accident that occurred around 530 this morning. the second of the big race was just recently cleared out of the way. the chp on scene had been saying that they're waiting for a sweeper truck. it appears as though they may be just going to sweep this up themselves here with the crews on hand. we are about to see the fourth way to get
reopened. for a while there were only two lanes available, about 20 minutes ago they opened up a third line westbound. now officers are opening up a fourth lane in the westbound direction. what that may do is help to stop the back up from growing. it would not do much to clear this backup. if we sweep or wrong with the jury what looks like. cruz of the chp continues to move becomes over an open up the extra lane. taking a look at our traffic maps, you could see the back up reaches all the way from the dublin through livermore all the way back to the 2 05 interchange. this is a two hour and 15 minutes estimated drive time. according to some sources that a somewhat conservative. 511 is reporting a 3 hour commute time to get from the 2 05 interchange out to the 580, 680 interchange. i'm
getting word of a new potential hot spot on the bayshore freeway. here south san francisco at odds with oyster point boulevard and accident that may block to of the southbound lanes. morrison is as available. >> we start off with sunshine and warmer conditions earlier this afternoon. also into the weekend and as we start the next work week. we're talking 90 degree weather in the extended forecast. before we get there, today's afternoon highs 77 livermore, 77 cisco. i will have a complete breakdown and talk about your weekend forecast just a couple of minutes. >> just into kron4 we are getting live pictures of the aftermath of the deadly explosion and a ton of west and texas. this is all that is left of a fertilizer plant, a massive explosion last night. the firefighters
were trying to put out a fire between five and 15 people are dead. most of them are firefighters and the empties who are on the scene trying to fight the blaze. --emt over 0 hundred and 60 people injured, over 80 homes destroyed. there believe to be 45,000 gal. of ammonia at that plant. it hopes to ignite the blaze. the massive explosion registered a 2.2 as an earthquake on a seismograph. there searching the rubble, a hopeful of finding any survivors. the explosion was massive and caused so much damage to surrounding towns and west and texas.
>> 7338 am and falling developing news out of san francisco where a suspicious package has been found near the lotta's fountain. the package was found as commemorations were scheduled for the 1906 earthquake. they had quickly move that ceremony and check all this out. will tran is live on the scene at loud as mountain.loud as fou >> the reason we're here is the dust after they moved it, some of the dignitaries came back and dropped off a wreath. they had a really quick ceremony. it was definitely moved to union square. here is video that we shot live at 4:00 a.m.. the bomb squad started
getting busy at 2:00 a.m.. a security guard noticed someone dropped off a back. that person left the scene but the security guard was not going to jacket. he or she called the police department because of what happened in boston. the rush down here and shut down the place about a block or so between third inning grand. they shut it down for more than two hours, they send a robot out there and the bomb sniffing dogs. they finally determined there was an explosive device in the bag. because everyone who wants to be here at this ceremony including mayor ed lee to scramble to a different location. because of what happened here in boston, he came down here and spoke to was live on kron4, here's what he had to say. >> about 3:00 this morning,
there is a suspect in a hooded sweatshirt carrying a black bag. he we been searching for him on 1 01 market street. another person came out and said their random radio parts and the back. shthey're supposed be a ceremony at lotta's fountain with a lot of dignitaries. we swept the area. >> here is video of union square. the ceremony went off without a hitch. some people were dressed in 1906 garments. when it was over, they completely cleared this area the bomb squad left in rolled up the yellow tape. they decided it was a good idea to send a message to
who ever did this, let's come back to last fountain and have a quick ceremony. i can tell you what they're doing the bomb setting process, there were crews of police officers driving around looking for this person. >> also of san francisco, up police officer fatally shot an armed man after that person stabbed his brother in law last night. it at around 9:40 p.m. and the 900 block of the harldeharo street n san francisco's portrero hill neighborhood. when police officers arrived on the scene, they found a man with multiple stab was to his head, arms, and chess. and they tried to assess the victim, another man came towards the officer with a hammer. police chief greg
suhr says one of the officers fired his gun after the suspect refused to drop his weapon. no one else was injured in the incident. the man was stabbed is in serious condition at the hospital. we will take a break, is 7:37 a.m. all in all, not bad here. the same cannot be said for the 1 01 with a more than two hour back up due to a multi big rig accident earlier this morning. we will have a dedetails coming up.
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>> welcome back here's an update on our hot 580 and the dublin, all lanes
are open. we had several lanes blocked for two hours and be westbound direction. the resulting back up reach all the way to the 2 05 interchange. we still have over two hour drive times for westbound interstate 580. i will have more on this and other hot spots coming up. >> vessel for e m best present video to show you here. a sink hole swallowed up three cars today and a chicago neighborhood. the guys on the white car, there goes. all caught on camera. one person had been pulled out of the crater and taken to a local hospital. there is heavy rain and flooding in the area over night. it is not clear that is what caused the ground here to open up. in any event, a dramatic video. >> 7428 m and we will be back with an incredible, moving ceremony that happened in the sports
world with gary radnich coming up. and sampras is no, clear skies. we will be right back.
>> 745 a m. we are continuing to track an enormous back up westbound 580, we'd just cleared all
lanes. it will take several time to clear this back up, look of the drive times. over 2 hours and 15 minutes after the westbound 580 right. the back up reaches all the way through the of the mob has out to the dublin interchange. do not look for this back up to clear or the drive times through improved dramatically anytime soon. tracking a new hot spot, 1 01 southbound to oyster point boulevard. there was an accident. there's also been a crash it reported in the area of candlestick as well. if you're driving to as f o, your see a lot longer than usual drive time, give yourself an extra 15 to 20 minutes. there is still slow traffic here leading from 1 01 northbound along the skyway eastbound after the seat of an earlier occurring motorcycle accident at the fremont off ramp. it is clear but the
traffic is backing up 01 01 northbound leading into the city. for a bridge jack and a look at your ride to the bay bridge, the macarthur maze 580 westbound, 880 is the best approach for the bridge to this morning. that is only of 14 to 60 minutes drive time. the san mateo bridge ride is still holding pretty steady at 13 minutes westbound for your trip to foster city. the golden gate bridges remain problem free all morning long. is still a fairly good ride with under 35 minutes drive time from nevada to the golden gate bridge. >> we are not in the 30's anymore. have monday checking at 41, selling of the upper '40's and hayward mountain view. into the afternoon, plenty of sun and. temperatures will be warmer than yesterday and warmer than the average. san leandro, 74 got low
seventies for downtown san francisco, mid-70s oakland. satellite and radar very quiet, not a raindrop insight. we could see an increase in cloud cover as we head into tomorrow. temperatures will certainly continue to climb, we are close to 90 degrees by least another time we start the next work week. >> (singing) the anthem singer just stopped and the crowd picked up in unison. >> that was just a hockey
game and boston. the crowd was not alerted. >> it was the first sporting event in boston of any kind since the bombing. this kind of became a digital and sort of the ceremony to show their kind of pride and perseverance. >> i did not know that the crowd just picked up, that is great. >> look at best. the house is sold out and you feel that rumble. i guess it was just really moving. yet to be there. people watching on tv were just tearing up. it doesn't matter that they did not win. i guess they feel like the country and boston won just by being there and displaying it. it was nice to see. >> that is terrific.
>> also, the warriors won. >> they are all set. i believe its 230 our time on saturday in denver. >> i've got the thing that was really clavicle was because he grew up watching a great talent, but he beat him. >> i'm just curious, with all the tragedy going on in the world if you check this, have you checked with the first home game is for the warriors? >> i was looking at the play of things and it was saturday they're playing like you said. i know the came out the whole schedule, >> i was watering at they said when the other games were for the warriors. >> i will check on that.
>> sometimes they wait to decide for television who was still playing. i was just curious. yesterday there seemed to be a sense of that that they played thursday about a week from today would be the first warrior home game. >> i will check on that, at that is available i will tell you the next two and a half minutes. >> one guy wrote it in esquire you always asking darya? you are the sports guy. i've just woke up to this tragedy in waco. >> i always figured you ask me the way your mother cause you and says gary what channel? >> i even called the guy back. i said this is a conversation, and is not one where i'm sitting going let
me explain to you young lady as you sit on my knee. he did not buy it. >> let's go to baseball. talk a little bit about the a's and giants. that age, it's like i saw this saying he give us some credit for giving the effort again. you look at the astros and save who couldn't beat them? >> the board it is from aboustarting pitcher was from nevado and did not make it out of the first inning. >> is nice to see them when the council but when you look of the astros, you just have a feel as you know i feel bad. >> where you gonna do? he is a major league guy. they won 12 games this season, six
of them were against houston. it is one of those things where you have to see who's in front of you. good start to a certain extent. >> friday at 730 is the first home game, the 26th for the warriors. >> excuse me for saying this but the first what a saturday and next was when? >> it's like they're weeks in between. saturday, tuesday, friday. >> that is strictly television. they dictate the warriors the member is not one of a grander series. they're playing to 30 on saturday. stick to its 530 in the east.
>> now call your mother and tell her when that is very >> she's always asking when the hell is this game? >> and the giants, we have a lot of baseball left to play. >> what are we going to do? there are only 148 games left. there is time for a living right now. if you have a little diversion, that's what sports is good for. >> thank you, we will see later. >> thank you, we will see later. what do you think? >> thank you, we will see later. thats's great. it won't take long, will it? nah. ok! this won't take long, will it? this won't take long, no, nonot at all. thow many of these can we do on our budget? more than you think.k. thatth didn't take very long did it!!ink.k. this spring, dig in and save.. thatth didn't take very long did it!!ink.k.
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is where it can take you. [now arriving: city hospital] which is why we're proud to help connect our students with leading employers across the nation.. with leading employers across [next stop financial center] >> coming up on the kron4 morning news, a suspicious package package forces san
francisco to move the ceremony commemorating the 1906 earthquake anniversary. we are also following the latest from a fertilizer plant explosion and texas. their reports of between five and 15 deaths, and over 160 injured in the explosion. also, following the latest investigation into the boston bombings. at least 14 people wounded at the boston marathon at bombing remain in critical condition.
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[ seagulls squawking ] (male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news >> tub stories we're following in the kron4 morning news is suspicious package as one found near the lotta's fountain ready for a celebration. >> a big rig collision earlier this morning cause and a major back up for it
the commute, but george has an update on the hot spot of 580. >> thousands of commuters are expecaffected by this problem. it is not completely clear from the traffic lanes but the resulting back up has reached all the way to the 2 05 interchange. that is still jammed. drive times as the clock that over 2 hours. it is not going to clear up any time soon. even with all the lanes open this will take a long time to clear. when the traffic is backed up like this, it has an accordion affect. it will start to move and then back again in the westbound direction. it just takes a long long time to clear. sadly, this is not our only hot spot. major delays of the bayshore freeway and then out a stamp francisco between s f o and downtown san francisco. if you're heading southbound, give yourself an extra 15 to 20 minutes. you could use interstate 280 but it is not a great alternate right now.
two separate incidents, one at oyster point and another at candlestick. is this the end of the right northbound into the city because of onlookers and southbound as well. the second day in a row, major delays for interstate 680 in the southbound direction. the accidno accident cause of the right is very slow from the walnut creek. >> here's a quick look at your thursday forecast, temperatures could be between five and eight degrees warmer than where we should be for this time of year. satellite and radar shows dry, quiet conditions are the bay area. no precipitation, we could see an increase in cloud cover.
>> a suspicious package was found in san francisco and that prompted city officials to move this morning's 1906 earthquake commemoration from lotta's fountain to union square. will tran joins us, >> this suspect dropped off a suspicious black bag that caused everyone to scramble including the bomb squad. you can see traffic is moving along just fine but that was not the case starting at 315 this morning. here is video we shot and you can see the bomb squad coming down here. obviously, boston is on everyone's mind. they came out here and they were willing to push the ceremony to a different location. they wanted to make sure that everyone was safe. they brought out bomb sniffing dogs. finally about 5:05
a.m. they said everything was ok. they had already made the decision to move the annual commemoration to union square. i was talking to jeep gregg servchief greg sud here's what he had to say. >> about 3:00 this morning, there was a suspect in a hooded sweat shirt carrying a black bag. he said the bag down at 7 01 market street and walked off. we have been searching the area for him cents. another person came up and said that there were just ran a radio parts in the bag. obviously, in light of what happened in boston and the fact that there was going to be an earthquake ceremony with all those dignitaries, we are erring on the side of caution. we swept the area. >> a lot of people started
coming down at 420, 430. the police said it was not meant to happen and mayor ed lee was also there st no way we could do this. they pledged to union square and the ceremony went off without a hitch. when they cleared this area completely around 535, a lot of those people who normally do it every year here said let's just walk back of their and held it. we just got finished talking to a man who chased back into his modern-day gear and he said we will not be stopped. >> another developing story we are following this morning comes out of taxes or they're saying it is not clear how many people are trapped in the rubble after a fertilizer plant exploded late last night killing as many as 15 people and injuring 160 others. these are some of the latest aerial pictures that came in this morning, giving us our first glimpse of the bay
light of some of the damage and destruction. it was a massive explosion. it started as a fire, the fertilizer plant fire got out of control. firefighters responded and attempted to put out that fire when the plant exploded. he saw the dramatic footage of the news group that was going there to do this to the scene to do a story on the fire. they captured the entire bank the blaze. the firefighters as though searching for survivors this morning. the mayor says some of the early responding firefighters that
are right next to the building battling the blaze are still unaccounted for this morning. here is one witnesses said the explosion was so powerful, he was born across the room. >> i was exit pick up and thrown about 10 ft.. i was standing at the end of my bed and when i landed i was by the bathroom. >> police search and the explosion as a crime scene until they can determine that the explosion was an industrial accident. we want to remind you again that this area is surrounded by a lot of residential buildings. in neighborhoods around this plant. before the five block radius around the plant was leveled to the ground. a lot of recovery is still on the horizon here for that west texas about 30 mi. from waco.
>> will be back with more in just a couple of minutes, the time is 8 07 a.m.. [ man ] we have a go for auto sequence start.
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>> they have state and federal resources with them, they have teams of search parties. this is task force numbers one and two. those of you not familiar with that it is a federal
group. that is their job to go out and do search and rescue in these type of environments like we had last night. they are also assisted by the burlington fire department heavy rescue and the fort hood search and rescue group. i would assume that there probably some others that i did not mention, i did not mean to leave anybody out. limited information coming because they have higher priorities in saving lives than they do passing information along to me. i can tell you that some of the areas they are searching are having to shore up before they allowed to go into the homes. one of those is an apartment complex. i use the storm shore up and it means they are using the heavy search and rescue groups, task force teams to actually reinforce some of the structures before they can
safely enter them. once they get a structure secure, then and only then are they allowed to go and actually start. it is tedious, it is time consuming it is very methodical what they're doing. number-one priority is to rescue and save lives in the event that we can do that. the no. 2 priority is to make sure there are no further injuries and no one else gets hurt. that process is ongoing. it is being used to declare a house clear. houses, homes, businesses, apartments are cleared and getting markings on them. several as with the markings are, they are not telling me. they're just telling me that they know what the individual markings mean. it is their information. that way when they go back they will know what they found inside
the home, etc.. there's soaring parts of the account apartment complex, on the search teams they have utility personnel with them. they're going and to bury hazardous area. i know you think that a lot of first responders and firemen rushed into the scene. a lot of people that are not cops, they are civilians are going into the line of fire with us. certainly, we appreciate those folks that are showing up in a supportive role. they're saving lives with us. our electric utility, their purpose is to keep us from going into a home or neighborhood with a down power lines and have another individual hurt. i told you
earlier about the possibility looter. there was an incident where we may have had a neloser. i do not have additional information on that, there was no arrest. it was not random. it was an isolated incident and something that has been dealt with. >> >> if you're listening to a press conference out of west texas. that is about 30 mi. north of waco. a fertilizer plant exploded last night and leveled at least a four block radius around that plant. this morning we are still going through the rubble looking for survivors. i wanted to more updates on the story will become back. a quick break, more to follow as a kron4 morning news continues.
you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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they're expected to do much of the same thing tonight. this may become the new reality of sporting events. increased security around any advance for your expected draw thousands of people. most nights, 17,000 strong show up at h-p pavilion. because of increased security and the threat of what everhappen, theye increased security. k-9 units will be out here, increase control officers in plain clothes and uniform out here. obviously, security checks as you come into the arena. this just may become the new reality. give yourself little extra time. if you're coming to the game tonight or a giants game or in a game in the future, this may be how things will be done now. obviously, things have changed.
>> it is interesting that you say that, we a seen through the years that we're used to going through a metal detector. with each unfortunate event, security does get tighter. maybe you will see more of that. >> absolutely, they will have undercover people people in uniform walking around. there will also have canine units in the area just to make sure people are safe, and feel safe. >> even though the accident is now cleared for about half an hour, perhaps a little bit more we still have a huge traffic jam and hot spot on interstate 580 from the optima past to the dublin interchange. this is near the scene of the earlier of a taring accident that happened around 530 this morning. traffic mirrored the scene as you
can see, it is still very happy but moving smoothly at least. the problem is in the back up that reached all the way through the old, pass at all the way out to the 2 05 interchange. believe it or not, drive times and still be reported at over 2 hours for the 580 westbound right from to 05 out to the dublin interchange. we still have the bay for sure freeway northbound and southbound to accidents. one at candlestick, the other southbound at all is their point.oyster point. give yoursef extra time. it is a heavy well before the 280 interchange and jews out downtown stamford cisco as well. canteens' attracthe ride e several valley in both directions have been heavy
between san ramon and danville. the bay bridge in the west of commute, things are better and the back up between was ground 88480 minute commute time out of the maze. last year coming from the nimitz freeway. your ride to the salmon sale bridge, highway 92 is still a 30 minute drive time, incident free. golden gate bridge problem free 1 01 southbound. we're still enjoying an incident free commute for the 1 01 southbound. >> it is a pretty calm start out there, the camera is steady. to live look outside for the mall tam cam this morning. is clear, temperatures low water in the trees along a coastline. we have gained a couple of degrees, us there it temperatures a wrapped up in the afternoon. highlighting this will allow our, you can
already see the '70s filling and indicated by the yellow. it will be a very sunny afternoon, blue skies and crystal clear conditions. but in the clock into motion, temperatures could stick in the '60s by 8:00 p.m. tonight. afternoon highs, here's the breakdown '70s and the south bay, said the clara 77 and palo alto, we apply a savvies in the east bay. temperatures are warmer than the seasonal average. satellite and radar shows very light conditions, we do not have much to talk about a satellite and radar. high pressure is steadily in over california. this week system will slide on by the northern tip and not bring any precipitation. we will have an increase in cloud cover, keep that in mind if you're headed north of the golden gate bridge. temperatures will continue to warm and we'll max out right around monday. 88 for
so your warmest inland spots. temperatures in the '80s letter on the heart of the bay, '70s, beach weather along the coastline. not a raindrop insight. we continue temperatures above average into the middle of next week. >> as the heltebrake, a live look from boston. an interface prayer service under way. we will go live to boston coming up as the kron4 morning news continues.
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>> link and adjusting of this mobile application to impress people were increasingly scrolling through content of smart bombs. the changes being unveiled today marked the first time that link in corp. has completed a major hope or all of the small app in 20 months. blank and the new app will display photos and other graphics more prominently with a string of updates. this tree will look similar to what people who frequent facebook see how smart bombs and tablet computers. the revamped and is available for iphone android users. >> twitter is introducing a feature that lets advertisers tweet in ads you depending on what each week. twitter says the change does not mean as will show more
freely but that the ads you see will be more relevant to you specifically. for example of someone writes as we about and the like, they might see it at about that band's upcoming concert nearby. next year is expected to grow by nearly a billion dollars in ad revenue.
>> welcome back, a live look at san francisco. we're going to get a quick check with traffic with george. >> a live look at interstate 580 in the westbound direction. conditions near the scene of
the earlier occurring accident continued to improve. that is only helping in a small way to alleviate the major backup on interstate 580. this house what is still very much in the fact. take a look of the right here, out west on interstate 580 is still jammed and still reporting over two hour drive times at the alta my past. this is the westbound ride leading into the doubled interchange. >> of beautiful start to the morning, it was a little chilly this morning and we saw some upper 30's along the coastline. temperatures are on the rise and we continue to see a gradual warm-up. we're talking the potential for '90s as we start the next work week. 49 degrees right out in santa rosa, we will follow the
numbers into the afternoon. >> following the latest development out of san francisco as they try to track down who left a suspicious package neared lot of fountain that triggered the bomb squad to come out in the changing of the ceremony of the 1906 earthquake anniversary. >> it would of been lotta's fountain behind me but they moved to a different location and then came back. mayor ed lee and police chief greg suhr you can see the bomb squad rushed into the area of there about 315 in the morning. the person wearing dark colored clothing left a
black bag across the street at the fountain. they call the police department and it came down here to search for the suspect. they were unable to locate that particular person. they had bomb sniffing dogs and they found out about 5:00 in the morning that would ever was in the bag was just some radio parts. it was not explosive and that is when they decided to move this to union square. that went off without a hitch. people still have fun, there's a lot of chaos because people took care of what they needed to deal. they would do it anyway as far as
suspicious packages. because of what happened in boston, the police chief out of bed to come down here to talk to people directly. around 5 05 the morning he declared everything safe and around 535 the cleared of traffic in this area in both directions. everything was fine but they're still searching for this particular suspect. >> and sam francisco, police shot a man carrying a hammer to assaulted his brother in law. police were called to the scene and found a man with multiple stab wounds to the arms and head and chest. when they try to assess that man, another man came forward with a hammer. the police fired their guns after the suspect refused to drop the hammer. >> he pretty much fell after
the officers were forced to shoot him. the suspect did not comply with the command and the officers defended themselves. >> no one else was injured in the man that was stabbed is in serious condition in hospital. >> is san francisco one is back, after running the boston marathon. leica carpo as a welcome home by her sister margaret. margaret actually lives in spain but had to be in san francisco for a business conference. leica was able to finish the marathon about a half hour before the bombs exploded. she was taken by the blast but thankfully not hurt. >> it's scary and sad.
>> their younger sister amanda also ran in the marathon and was not injured in the bombing. leica says she is thankful that she, her sister and friends were not hurt adding that this will not stop them from running a race in the future. >> what the other big stories this morning comes out of taxes and the town of west were up to 15 people may have been killed at a fertilizer plant explosion that also injured more than 160 in leveled homes on middle school and a nursing home. we have video of the same size that we can show you here. our first glimpses of the damage now in the daylight and you can see just how expensive it is. 80 homes were destroyed in this massive explosion last night. rescue workers are still searching through the rubble searching for survivors. they're a lot
people that are still missing and unaccounted for. the town's mayor said some of the firefighters battling the blaze right at the plant before the explosion are among the missing this morning. many say the explosion was felt miles away in like it was an earthquake, and that it registered as a 2.2 earthquake. it's easy to see why, we have video of the actual explosion, take a look. reallymatic video. rescue workers are still looking for survivors. police say they're just during their investigation into this blast. >> there is a significant area of around a fertilizer plant that has been destroyed. holmes had been destroyed, homes are flattened. our little
community is gone. they are going in door-to-door, still searching. the weather helped us and some aspects with the chemical part of the fire. >> officials on the ground remained in search and rescue mode. they're still hopeful they will find people in the rubble and they're going building to building in a largely decimated building surrounding the plant. >> 8:37 a.m. and we will be back with more in the latest developing news. including president obama at an interfaith service and boston. we are waiting to hear the president speak this morning. this mark.
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>> stephan curry sets an all-time record for free tthree-pointers this season.
steven curry 13 pressure of a single season record. sec inquiry, curry has a three- pointer to break the single season record of 2693 borders made by ray allen. or is lead by 14 at half, third quarter oakland is daniel willard nice reverse layup to cut the warriors leads 66 to 60. 47 wins and the season, the warriors are 6 out of 8 seed in the western conference. it will open the playoffs against the no. 3 in denver nuggets on saturday afternoon. >> the will is starting to distribute its new internet connected glasses, something seen as the next breakthrough in mobile computing. bill has big 8000 people in the as to enter a contest. the winners will have to pay $1,500 apiece for a test version of google glass. the company says it started making the glass is
available tuesday, though it may take weeks for recipients to get them. i know you put your name in the deal, you didn't get it? >> i don't want to talk about it. i did not get. >> look at it this way, you save $1,500.
>> we continue to monitor big delays on interstate 580 westbound. it was a big rig accident, actually two big breaks here at the 68580 interchange. as a 5:00 hour this morning that backed up the ride that has stay with us for hours. drive times are still recorded at around an hour from the old, pass
out to the dublin interchange. there were earlier occuring problems here on the bayshore freeway but lord is out of directions. that isn't a lot of people the interstate 280, is still heavy from westborough headed down to san bruno on the 380 turnout. the slow traffic that was out of the city is now concentrated here. 280 north as 280 extension are also quite heavy. some improvement in the southbound 680 ride and a 242 ride but there are still basically backed up and to concord in pleasant hill. a slow walk right through these san ramon valley and it is so heavy northbound from san ramon. i look next at the bridges as does the bay bridge, san mateo bridge
92 things are driving down 13 to 11 minutes. the golden gate bridge has been an easy ride, apparently the camera there is frozen. >> we're waking up to sunshine and temperatures we're coming into the 50s for mountain view. upper '40's out the door in hayward that temperatures will continue to climb throughout the day and looks like we will keep it in the '60s inside the bay. places like that and santa rosa are already climbing to the '70s just in time for lunch. we will gain a couple of degrees by year after a highs, clear skies and mild weather sticks around until 8:00 p.m. tonight. breaking down here afternoon highs, warmer than yesterday. cupertino 78, 79 los gatos.
temperatures above average in the east bay as well. 80 antioch, 74 san leandro, low seventies downtown sam francisco and 74 year high in berkeley. looking as satellite and radar, it is quiet and dry. a ridge of high pressure building and over northern california. we have a couple of changes to know. first off, even though high pressure is in control eight weeks as a will pass to the tip of northern california. shtetl not bring any precipitation and we will not see any rain but there'll be a increase and cloud cover. extended forecast, 7 day around the bay shows temperatures continued to climb. the string of sunshine headed into the weekend and starting the next work week. monday will be 88 for your warm as and when spots. each like conditions with
temperatures in the mid-70s. >> the u.s. ambassador to the united nations is saying the u.s. is offering to share with brazil's securities lessons that emerge from investigations into the bombing and boston. this comes as brazil repairs to customers large-scale events in the next three years. these events include the confederation cup in june, world youth day in july with the practice is scheduled to attend, the 2014 world cup and the 2016 olympics. >> back in the bay area bridge safety concerns are still unfolding. newly documented but the act and released documents show stay to the tyson officials express concern about the integrity of some steel components for the new bridge, more than four years ago. according to polish reports in 2008, caltrans criticize the bridge contractor for rushing the test schedule and delivering
products the that that did not meet specifications. this information comes as engineers are trying to determine what caused dozens of metal rods, like this one to snap earlier this year. the parts are meant to keep abreast save during an earthquake. caltrans is still working on 86, it is not known of the bridge is planned at labor day opening will be affected. >> san francisco mayor ed lee will sign legislation today that were require upgrades of some buildings so they are safer in the event of an earthquake. the new law will require more than 3000 soft story buildings in san francisco to be seismically retrofitted. the price tag could be anywhere from 60,000 to $150,000 to update each building. if you rent a
soft story building, the landlord can up your rent depending on your income. the giants have dropped to in a row and milwaukee. top of the 6, 31 brewers underpants it bounces off the metal for a single, and the old pagan and marco scutaro scored three to three to tie. into the dugout, but runners and goes to the corridors. >> the night, pitched entered like lolly with an outfield and drive to overturn her bogles head and left, jaw springed scores 43 bruised win. on. but norris, in about native making a star for that astros. -read it doubles off
the right-center field wall, christiane and seth smith scored 31 a's. tablet ninth, the lead whittled down to stem the five a's with the tying run at the plate for houston. the game ending double play, 75 days. is the astros in three games. nice to have the astros american league west this season. the a's are 12 and for what their record, the second best in baseball. >> 70 2:00 a.m. at a live look outside the bay bridge.
>> we could be seeing
temperatures close to 90 degrees in the early part of next week. more on your forecast coming up a first here is george. >> in addition to our slow ride on 580 westbound, heavy traffic through the san ramon valley in both directions between san ramon and walnut creek. no particular incidence of 0.2, just heavier than usual traffic this morning. >> coming up on the kron4 morning is as we are live in boston at this interfaith service that is in progress. the president and first lady are in attendance and we are waiting to hear from the president. the suspicious package was found early this morning in san francisco. this threat took place in the area were celebrations were set to take place commemorating the 1906 earthquake anniversary. also following the latest from a fertilizer plant explosion in texas. their reports of between five and 15 deaths, over 160 injured
in the explosion. we will be right back.
>> (male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news at 9 starts now. >> top stories we're following this morning we're getting a look and a light at the fertilizer plant that exploded. up to 50 people are dead and they're more than 160 injured. >> president obama is right now at a service in boston to honor the victims and
monday boston marathon bombings. he is supposed to speak shortly. we will continue our live coverage of that. >> plus, a suspicious package found in downtown san francisco this morning just as commemorations were about to be under way for 100r the 1906 earthquaker the 1906 a earthqua >> off first a look at traffic george had a lot of hot spots. >> 580 westbound worse hotspot we have seen in a while. a lot of people delayed by hours. the drive times were as much as, well over two hours in the west bound direction on the altamonte pass to the dublin interchange. conditions here are improving. still slow but improving on 280 south bound. >> another hot spot of daly city down to san bruno. >> the 101 ride has improved but is still slow in and out of san francisco on the
james lick and bayshore freeway. >> 101 of the right of walnut creek is heavy from pleasant hill into what of creek. >> as we mentioned, the san ramon valley is still quite heavy between walnut creek, danville, and san ramon. slower than usual traffic in both directions. januu. thank you a bit of a start to the morning. the camera is not bouncing a round compared to previously. beery we ar than we are warmer and yesterday it is clear skies out there. let us look to the afternoon highs in just a bit. >> are you ok? >> i cannot hear. i cannot hear. please get out of here! a huge blast. that is
video from youtube . you can hear screams from a little boy calling for his dad. this explosion happened at a fertilizer plant last night in west texas, rescue workers still searching the rubble in the area for any survivors. martin a savidege has the latest. there are several buildings that were severely damaged. an apartment building, a nursing home, and there were casualties. the authorities cannot be specific there were from 5 to 15 and close to 200 people have been injured. the effort to day will be twofold. they will continue the search and rescue. there will also be looking to recover any of the dead. there are missing among the firefighters
especially because there were the ones to go to the fire first. they were the ones who took it directly on the plant exploded. we also know that is being treated as a crime scene. >> authorities cautioned saying that does not mean there is suspicion here. they want to be absolutely certain. members of the atf have been called in also the national guard will show up. there's quite a large commercial area that needs to be secured. a crime scene that needs to be secured. >> developing new is here on the kron 4 morning news president obama in boston speaking at interfaith service honoring those that were killed and injured and the boston marathon bombings. >> the race is set before us on monday morning.
>> the 26.2 mi. of dedication and grit . hundreds of thousands of bostonian lined the streets. it was a beautiful day in boston. a day that is lanes
like a poet once wrote, >> (cheers and applause) we also come together today to reclaim... to reaffirm
that the spirit of this city is . the spirit itself show remain on harunharmed . >> governors romney, swift and dukakis, members of congress the people of boston and the families wet lost a piece of their heart >> we thank you for your leadership. we thank you for your courage. we thank you for your grace. i am here today on behalf of the american people with a
simple message. everyone was has been touched by this attack on your beloved city. every one of a stance with you.ds with you. after all it is our beloved city to. >> boston may be your hometown but we claim it to. it is one of america's iconic cities. it is one of the world's great cities. one of the reasons the world knows boston so well is that boston opens it's hard to the world. --our hearts to the world. over generations and a walk again and again new arrivals to our shores. immigrants who constantly
reinvigorated this city and its commonwealth in our nation. >> every fall you walk of students from across america and across the globe and every spring you graduate them back into the world in boston diaspora that excels in every field of human endeavor. year after year, you welcome the greatest talents in the arts and science., research, you will attewelcome the to your laboratory and concert halls to drop on insights that draws this world together. >> every third monday in april you all, people from all round the world to the hub for friendship and
fellowship and healthy competition. >> a gathering of men and women of every race and every religion, every shape and size. a multitude represented by all those flag that flew over the finish line. so weather folks come here to boston for just a day or they stay here for years, they leave with a piece of this town tucked firmly into their hearts. >> so, boston is your home town but, we claim it a little bit too. >> (cheers and applause)
i know this you quote me as a young law student across the river. welcome michelle to. you'll come to me. >> (cheers and applause) you won't be during a convention when i was still a state senator in very few people could pronounce my name right. like you, michelle and i have walked the streets. like you we know these neighborhoods. and like you in this moment of grief we join you in saying a boston you are my home. for millions of us what happened on monday is personal. it is personal.
today our prayers are with the campbell family of medford. they are here today. their daughter crystal was always smiling. those who knew her said that with her red hair and freckles and her ever eager willingness to speak her mind, she was beautiful, sometimes a little noisy and everyone loved her for it. >> she would have turned up 30 next month. as her mother said, through her tears, this does not make any sense. >> our prayers are with the lu family of china who sent
their daughter so she could experience all the city has to offer. >> she was a 23 year old student far from home. and the heartache of her family and friends on both sides of the great ocean we are reminded of the humanity that we all share. our prayers go with the richards family of dorchester. to denise the young daughter jane, as they fight to recover. our hearts are broken 48 year-old martin. with his big smile and bright eyes. his last hours were as perfect as the 8 year-old boy could hope for. with his family eating ice cream at a sporting event.
>> we are left with two enduring images little boy forever smiling for his beloved ruins and for which she made on a poster board. --his beloved buin. s >> no more hurting people, a piece. no more hurting people, peace. >> our prayers are with the injured. so many, some gravely. from their beds some are surely watching us gather here today and if you are, no this, as you began this long journey of recovery your city is with you. your commonwealth is with you, your country is with you we will all be with you as you learn to stand
and walk and yes, run again. of that i have no doubt you will run again. >> (cheers and applause) you will run again. (cheers and applause) that is what the people of boston are made of. your resolve is the greatest rebuke to who ever gr created this heinous act. >> if they thought to terrorize us and intimidate us, to shake us from the values that make us who we are as americans, it should be picked opretty clear they pid the wrong city to do it. >> (cheers and applause)
not here in boston >> (cheers and applause) not here in boston! >> (cheers and applause) you have shown of boston that in the face of evil, americans will live up what is good. >> in the face of loyalty, we will choose compassion. in the face of those would visit death upon innocence, we will choose to save and
to comfort and to heal. we choose frencfriend ship. we will choose low. the scripture teaches us the data has not given us a spirit odied as not a ienven us the spirit of fear but the spirit of power and a loaf. when doctors and nurses, police and firefighters and that emt is and guardsmen run toward explosions to treat the wounded that is discipline. >> when exhausted runners
including our troops and veterans who never expected to see such carnage on the street back home become first responders themselves attending to the injured that is real power. when bostonian carry victims in their arms, deliver water and blankets, lined up to give blood, open their homes to total strangers, give them rides to reunite with their families that is low ve . >> that is the message we send to those who carry this out and anyone who would do harm to our people. yes, we will find you. yes, you will face justice! >> (cheers and applause)
we will find you can hold you accountable, but more than that our fidelity to our way of life to our freedom and open society will only grow stronger. god has not given us the spirit of fear but one of power, love and self discipline. >> like 78 year-old bill, the runner in the arts tank top we saw get knocked down by the blast. we may be momentarily knocked off of our feet but will pick ourselves up. we will keep
going. we will finish the race. faug >> and the worst of dick hoyt who pushed his disabled son rick in 31 boston marathons we cannot let something like this stop us. >> (cheers and applause) this does not stop us! >> that is what you taught us wh us austausboston . >> to persevere, to not get fanged even when it hurts, even with our hearts ache we summon the strength that maybe we did not know we
had a and we carry on, we finished the race! >> (cheers and applause) we finished the race and we do that because of who we are. and we do that because we know that somewhere around the bend a stranger had a cup of water, around the bend someone is there to boost our spirit. >> on the toughest mile when we think we hit a wall someone will be there to cheer us on and pick up if we fall. we know that! >> (cheers and applause) that is what the perpetrators, senseless
violence, a small stunted individuals who would destroy instead of building and they somehow that makes them important. that is what they do not understand. our faith in each other, our love for each other and country, our common creed that cut across what ever superficial differences that may be that as our power. >> that is our strength. that is why a bomb cannot beat us. that is why we do not hunker down. that iis why we do not cower in fear. we carry on. we race, we strive, we build and we work and we love and raise our kids to do the same. we come together to celebrate life
and to what our citizens to cheer for our teams on the socks, celtics, the patriots, bruin s a chance again to the cigarette of new york and chicago fans the crowd will gather and watched the great showdown buylston street. on the third monday in that for next year the world or return to this great american city to run harder than ever had to cheer even louder for the 118th boston marathon. >> (cheers and applause) bet on its escalatio point!!. >> (cheers and applause)
tomorrow the sun will rise over boston. tomorrow the sun will rise over this country that we love. this special place. this state of grace. the scripture tells us to run with endurance the race that is set before us. as we do made god hold close those 11 taken from us too soon. >> may comfort their families. and may continue to watch oveover these united states of america. >> (cheers and applause) there the president delivering remarks at an interfaith service at the cathedral of the holy cross
on boston's south side honoring and remembering those who died and were injured in the boston marathon bombings earlier this week. >> we
>> 98 as a time wanted to look at traffic we have had a hot spot for so long. we want to know how long it will continue. just as things were getting better on interstate 5810 some sign
of normalcy another active have occurred. hopefully the motorist the work cotton the altamonte pass tracy the hope of getting clear of the back up is just been cast as a drive time remains at 55 minutes. almost an hour still coming from the altamonte pass from the 805 interchange was about heading out to the dublin a change. livermore westward it is normal commute. when you read that far it will be a much more normal ride. coming out of the altamonte of tracy is badly jammed up. >> looking at the bridge is at last check the bay bridge was doing better well. a little heavier than the last time. it is still only a slow from the oakland army base over crossing and the 880 approach looks great. >> the night to write for the san mateo bridge back down to an 11 minutes were tied leading to of the city coming out hayward.
>> for the golden gate bridge, still is will commute. the major delays for the marin ride so far this morning. >> the schedule of the weather here is janu . >> thank you george has done his part to the b. a sudden sta. we are expecting warmer temperatures today a gradual warming will continue into tomorrow and that we will continue through the dry weather pattern as we head into your next week. also a really warm start could is the 90s on monday. before we get there let us talk about whatever it is are now. 59th out the door and a bottle. it did not oakland. 57 in concord- navato . by noon time plenty of seventies indicated by the yellow color. 68 for they shores. seventies will grow more widespread heading into the afternoon. for those of you head out this evening, warm still. plenty of '60s with
some fifties as well. >> afternoon brings plenty of sunshine the seventies for the south bay. mid seventies for sunnyvale upper seventies falls got a spirit 77 palo alto. mid-70s for fremont this afternoon. your east bay inland valleys upper seventies. antioch a degrees.77 for fairfield, pittsburgh. low seventies for your east bay shore. seven degrees for downtown san francisco as well. >> a bit cooler on the coastal areas. 64 ocean beach. and the north bay mid to upper seventies. 75 and thelma and 78 for napa. >> taking a look at satellite radar thing to dry, warm. we have a high pressure building. you could see a system to the north. we would not see any rain from that coming tomorrow. we will see the increase in cloud cover and a high pressure will take control. >> take a look get your 7 day around the bay plenty of sunshine. take a look of the warm up. monday upper 80s. i
could see love mighties. i will continue to see what dry weather into next week. james. >> thank you janu . following a developing story out of texas were police and the town of west said the upward of 15 people may have been killed in the fertilizer plant explosion. injured more than 160 others. it leveled homes, a school and seriously damaged a nursing home. these are some of the images that have been coming in. helicopter crews are giving us the bird's-eye view of the damage. it is extensive. 80 homes have been destroyed. rescue workers are still searching the rubble in the area for any survivors. the town's mayor had some firefighters battling the blaze at the plant before the explosion are missing. many said the explosion was felt miles away it was like a our quake, in fact it registered a 2.2 earthquake. and it is easy to see why
we have video of the apple explosion. take a look. -- the actual explosion. >> are you ok? >> get out of here, please get out of here! >> rescue workers still looking for survivors while police have just began to launch their investigation into the blast. >> there is a significant area around the for a while the plant that has been destroyed. homes have been destroyed. there are home flattened.hat community is gone. they are going door-to-door they are still searching. the weather did help us in some aspect with the chemical part of the fire. obviously, keeping the environment chemicals down out of the environment
filtering if you will with the rain. >> officials on the ground said they remain optimistic and still in search and rescue mode. going building to building to find survivors. large slots of a neighborhood decimated by the explosion last night. >> developing news of san francisco as we continue to look at what happened earlier this morning where there was this package found near lottas just before commemoration of the 1906 earthquake. will tran as a store for san francisco. >> they still have the 1906 earthquake commemoration but not the usual place. at lottas fountain here's why. at 315 in the morning the bomb squad arrived because someone called in after noticing a suspicious package that police came down, obviously thinking about what happened in boston they set out of mothballs and robots. they
went to an area across the street from lotd fttas thousand. they discovered that someone wearing dark clothing had left a bag. the or unable to find the suspect. our route for 30- 5:00 a.m. the morning because of so many people coming for the annual ceremony they moved it into a different location. by the way, there are going to sweep this because of the dignitaries that come out every year including the mayor of san francisco, the police chief. they decided for everyone's safety to move the festivity up the road to union square. it went off without a hitch. not a problem. everyone had a good time. >> after it was all over the police cleared the scene and decided what ever was in the bag was not explosive the left the area around 5:35 a.m.. after they thought everything was ok and lots
of people came to the festivities and went ahead and placed a wreath at the location. still searching for the suspect that the very latest. reporting from san francisco will tran kron 4 news. >> also in san francisco police officer fatally shot a man with a hammer. he stabbed his brother-in-law last night. this happened at 940 and the 900 block of deharo street in san francisco latrpepterero hill neighborhood. when police arrived on the scene, they found a man with multiple stab will is in his head, arms and chest. >> when they tried to assist the victim, another man came toward the officer with a hammer. police chief greg
surh says of the suspects fired his gun after this but one of the officers fired his gun at the the suspect refused to drop it. >> will continue to follow developing news and weather and traffic. you can see a nice sunny shot of the san mateo bridge.
[ birds chirping ] [ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ]
>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news of the continue to track a hot spot the ride on it to stay 580 in the west bound direction. we may have saved three or four minutes off the drive time. a recent accident in greenfield added to the delays. traffic is backed up through the altamonte pass working its way westward for the dublin interchange. darya. >> thank you george. in bay area news we have new details of the sexual assault and suicide of a scherzo a teenager, audrey pott. the family of the
teenager had filed a legal claim against a high school. her family says, a school was negligent and that officials did nothing, as pott was being bullied with pictures showing her being sexually assaulted. >> what did the school know and when the the school district people know about it. where the school would find it tough libel is if the bullying, the sharing of the affirmation of the private pictures occurred on campus. >> district officials are defending their actions saying if they did all they could legally against the three teenagers which was to expel two of them from high school sports because this was an off-campus incident reported. >> the teenagers have since been arrested. >> safety concern of the bay bridge span continues this morning. newly released documents shows stage repetition officials expressed concern about the integrity of some of the
steel components for the new bridge, more than four years ago. >> according to published reports in 2008 caltrans criticized the bridge contract for rushing the test schedule and delivering products the did not meet the applications. >> they're trying to figure out what caused dozens of metal rods like this wednesday is that earlier this year. the parts are meant to keep the bridge said during an our quake. caltrans is still working on a fix. is not known at the bridge planned labor day opening will be affected. >> a live look from boston a developing story we have been covering an interfaith service with president obama has just ended. this regarding monday's marathon bombings. the president leading the charge now. [ man ] we have a go for auto sequence start. t-minus 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... ignition. [ male announcer ] launch your internet experience on at&t's newly expanded advanced digital network
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>> we are back in the kron 4 morning news room we have live pictures out of texas where texas gov. rick perry at any moment is expected to
take the podium. he will be joined by state are hard to see management officials. they're holding a press conference regarding the state emergency response to the blast and west texas. >> about 1 mi. north of waco. if you just joined us they had a massive explosion that rocked the entire town. a fertilizer plant caught fire. emergency crews responded. in the middle of battling the blaze the entire plant exploded. it was a massive explosion houses for-five blocks away or literally ripped to shreds. here's a picture of an apartment complex that was nearby. you can see the entire exterior wall of their problem building was blown away quite literally. there was a school in the area and a senior center. there is a lot of rubble this morning. at this point search and rescue efforts are underway. there are sifting through that hoping to find survivors. a number
of people have been transported to the hospital. as you can imagine an investigation is underway on the part of law enforcement to determine if this was an attack or if this was simply an industrial accident. we are watching live pictures and streaming it on our 24/7 news channel comcast 193. if you want watched in its entirety confided there. in the meantime back to the studio. >> 947 we have had a horrible commute between 580 and 680 . now george has an update on hot spot. >> once again we are on interstate 580 because as things were clearing out another accident occur in the back up at green bill road. it is starting to break up a bit of again. for the first time in hours were seen a drive time below 50 minutes. this is in the west bound direction of interstate 580 . this is still nearly double what you expect at this hour of the morning. thousands of commuters were delayed this morning because of a major accident that in cleared.
the accident has been cleared for nearly a little more than two hours. in the west bound direction, this is still just residual slowing. >> we're seeing better traffic conditions on interstate 80 at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound. this is the in the back up. it is a 14-60 minute commute time. >> the san mateo bridge is problem free. westbound. the drive times are down to 11 minutes. >> the golden gate bridge ride, an easy trip in both directions. they have added a third lane of northbound side. >> let us get another check of the weather here is jayu nu . waking up to blue skies bay area wide. there was a chilly start to the day but we're expecting warmer temperatures compared to yesterday. we will continue to the warmth into the weekend as you start your work week with season 90s on the board. but us look at temperatures now. mid-60's in vallejo and
fairfield. of fifties for your east bay shores. 63 in navato. 57 currently in redwood city. tracking the temperatures in the day of the task force set for noontime we will see plenty of seventies indicated by the yellow color on your screen. we still see 60s hugging the bay shore and coastal area. afternoon high will see the yellow grow more widespread. a mix of '60s and '70s this afternoon. was a leftover >> afternoon high bring us plenty of sunshine for the south bay and '70s there. 78 for cupertino. 79 for los gatos. 77 for santa clara. upper seventies for east bay inland valleys and low seventies for east bay shore. 72 hayward. 78 concord. 80 for antioch. lows seventies for downtown san francisco. a bit cooler in ocean beach. 64. a mixed
bag of mid to upper seventies for the north bay. 75 for petaluma and 78 for napa out this afternoon. satellite and radar shows high pressure in control. we did see a light system move to the north of bus. we're not expecting any rain but could see increase in cloud cover and the high pressure will take over control. the warm temperatures on your your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast take a look at monday. upper 80s even so low 90s in the warmer areas. mark. >> thank you janu . the u.s. senate blocking a proposal to expand background checks on gun sales. the plan failed to get the 60 votes needed to get the filibuster and get 28 actual vote. its sparked anger from president obama and disappointment from the parents of schoolchildren were massacred months ago in new town conn. >> families who have unspeakable agree to summon the courage to petition their elected leaders. not just to honor the memory of
their children but to protect the lives of all of our children. 90 percent of democrats in the senate voted for the idea. it is not going to happen. >> congresswoman gabrielle gifford was seriously injured by gun violence was by the president cited quotas being. the measure did not pass. she accused the opposing senators of cowardice. the final vote tally 54 to 46. the probe was part of a compromise struck by democratic and republican senator. the filibuster requires 60 votes. the bill backed by president obama called face fierce opposition from the national rifle association. a ban on assault weapons also failed along with a bid to block the sale of high capacity ammunition clips. >> new details on the ricin letter sent to president obama. as an official says the lab tests confirmed the letter's into mississippi senator roger wicker did contain the deadly substance rycin . and that more tests
are expected. meantime, an arrest is made in the case. federal agents arrested 45 year-old paul kevin curtis of mississippi. he is now being charged with threatening the life of the president. the senators' letter, along with the president's letter, were both postmarked memphis, tenn. april 8th. but were intercepted at screening facilities. >> a federal appeals court in san francisco is debating the legality of the state to ban on use their be based on their sexual orientation. yesterday's, a three judge panel questioned lawyers on both sides of the issue. if they ask whether the license mental-health professionals to offer sexual orientation there be all protected by free-speech rights. the judges also asked whether the medical treatment can be regulated by the government. the bay and being put on hold until the appeals court decides the case. >> san francisco mayor
illegal sign new legislation today, that will require upgrades on some buildings soleras different the event of an earthquake. the new law will require more than 3000 soft story buildings in san francisco to beat side thematically retrofitted. the price tag could be anywhere from 60,000 to $150,000 to update each building. if you read a south story building, a landlord can up your right depending on your income. >> these increases. >> renters who make less than average san francisco income of $75,000 a year will be exit from rent increases brought on by retrofitting. >> how about the golden state warriors. 18 most thought would not make the playoffs ceiling six seed in the last get a season. and stephen curry sets an all- time nba record for three- pointers in a season.
warriors led 14 at half. third quarter. although once they've been lillard ne, nice rebound layup to cut the wires lead 66-60. the fourth quarter 88-77 warriors. currey hits the three from the corner he finishes w three with four three- pointers for record 272 in a season, 15. tonight. final 99-88 warriors 47 wins sixth place spot. they opened a playoff at the denver nuggets saturday. you'll see our coverage on the may 19th for the bay to breakers. >> we're now 31 days away from the years bay to breakers. kron 4 will bring you the race for start to finish. we will be back with
>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. if this is your dog a new time and you commute through 580 the altamonte or livermore you normally expect like conditions there is a 45--a 43 minute drive time. there was an accident this morning all all nine declared traffic is badly backed up. >> that is it for this morning we will see you
tomorrow back at 4:00 a.m.. dr. phil coming up next.